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Property & Asset Management 

Properties managed by Zajic Biggs & Juliano Group's 'Paradigm Property Management' see unparalleled performance in regards to better caliber tenants, higher rents, tenant satisfaction, superior retention, and most imporantly value. By leveraging market and financial data, sound management practices, technology, vendor relations, and tenant feedback, PPM manages assets at a highly calculated standard.

As our assets under management grow, we continually evolve and solidify our systems to bring you, 'our clients and investors,' the peace of mind paradigm. We invite you to contact Paradigm Property Management directly or visit our website for services and consultation related to: 

Property Management 

Estimated Valuation 

Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting 

Repositioning, Redevelopment, and Re-branding

Operating Systems and Processes

Case Specific Consultation

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