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Jim began his career as a ship builder and welder for the Nashville Bridge Company. He then joined the United States Air Force and was selected to an elite group of the armed forces known as “Global Survival Instructor” today known as SERE. After leaving the US Air Force, he entered retail where he was responsible for new store openings, hiring, departmental development, training and merchandising. He then moved into a sales career where he was responsible for a four state territory as a regional sales manager for a global concern. Later, he entered the automotive industry where he was a finance manager and progressed to general sales manager which led to him becoming a general partner in automotive franchises representing Chrysler Plymouth Dodge and Lincoln Mercury.


Mr. Biggs has held a professional license in real estate, licensed as an agent in the state of Florida's Department of Professional Regulation, presided as President of Chesterfield HOA, held an insurance license and a Series 6 Securities License with the Department of Professional Regulation in Illinois and is currently a Managing Broker for the State of Indiana. He is a member of the National Association of Realtors, belongs to the Illinois Rental Property Owners Association, National Real Estate Investors Association, Northern Indiana Creative Investors Association, Chicago Creative Investors Association, Chicago Real Estate Investor Networking Group as well as several other community and professional associations.

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