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The Zajic Biggs & Juliano Group (ZBJG) is a real estate conglomerate aiming to generate capital gains, passive income, long-term appreciation, and equity for its owners and investors through the purchase and leverage of real estate investments, private placements, property management, and brokerage services. Some of our companies include: 
Paradigm Equity Advisors

Paradigm Equity Holdings

Paradigm Property Management 
Paradigm Realty and Commercial

Paradigm General Contracting

ZBJG was founded in May 2015 and currently operates in the Chicago metropolitan area. ZBJG believes that mutually beneficial deals, a reputation for honesty, and fair dealings are paramount in fulfilling the financial goals of our partners, investors, and team members. 




The Zajic Biggs Group is a compassion driven real estate conglomerate that bases its success solely on the amount of service, support, and benefit that we can provide for others. Through real estate investment strategies focused on the private investor or renter, we intend to be a provider of real solutions, creators of value, contributor to positive causes, and suppliers of revenue to not only ourselves as a company, but most importantly the communities, home sellers, home buyers, industry professionals, and investors we work with every day.

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